Sony launches two “super-large” 8K TVs

Sony has unveiled two new 8K TVs that form part of its ZG9 range.

These TVs come in 98-inch and 85-inch versions, and use the optimised
Picture Processor X1 Ultimate to manage the 33 million pixels that form
part of their 8K resolution.

The ZG9 series incorporates various new technologies including
Backlight Master Drive with full-array local dimming and 8K X-tended
Dynamic Range Pro, said Sony.

The TVs also include HDR10 support, making them Sony’s first consumer 8K HDR televisions.

The ZG9 range all have four front-facing speakers – two on the
bottom, and two on the top – to deliver sound with Dolby Atmos support –
although Dolby Atmos will only be available in a software update in the

Adding to the sound quality of the ZG9 range is the new
Sound-from-Picture technology, which “reproduces the position of the
sound on the screen so when actors are speaking, the sound appears to be
coming directly from their mouths”.

Sony has not released any pricing or release dates for the ZG9 range.

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